It’s Been A Long Road Since You

It’s been a long road since you. The one journey I was never more sure of became the most difficult one to come back from. And I’m still going down the list of lessons and mistakes, wrong turns and detours, memories and nightmares. I never wanted you to be a lesson learned the hard way, but you were, and here I am still picking up the pieces. What can I say? You turned my world upside down and didn’t even stay to watch how hard everything broke when it hit bottom. I can’t undo how you made me feel, it still breaks my heart. You taught me so well how to hate myself, I am still learning how to stop. And it’s been a long road since you; the one journey I was never more sure of became the one that I still can’t forgive myself for.

-Stephanie Bennett-Henry

#stephaniebennetthenry #ragingrhetoric

Your Relationship With You

The relationship you have with

yourself is the most complicated

one because you can’t walk away

from you. You have to forgive

every mistake and deal with

every flaw. You have to find a

way to love you even when you

are disgusted with you.



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