Honesty, the BEST policy?

I am currently going through a frustrating ordeal, which has me asking, Is Honesty the Best Policy?  I always thought so and I have never really known people to stoop so low, especially for no reason.  Have you ever come across someone in your life that you don’t even know, show you what it means to really be a horrible person?  I recently have.  It’s not in my nature to give specific details or name names.  Although, it seems that would be okay to do, according to Facebook.  If I wanted to post a picture of someone with their name and write “crack whore” next to it, or even worse, and put it in the public domain…  Well,  that’s okay by Facebook standards.  You can report it hundreds of times per day for “hate speech” or whatever.  It does not matter.  I’m guessing that department of Facebook is not equipped with humans, but perhaps computers/robots that look into these reports.  But, here’s what I have learned:  You can claim “copyright infringement” on a picture that you didn’t create or write and Facebook will take it down, no questions asked.  Just pick any random picture and claim it as your own, from any page.  Did you write it?   No?  Did you make the post or have anything to do with it?  No?  WHO CARES!??     I wrote something on Raging Rhetoric recently and signed my name to it and apparently someone else can claim it. WHO KNEW?

As frustrating as that is, there’s nothing I can do about it.   I love Raging Rhetoric and I love what we do.   We make 95% of our posts and we are fine with anyone sharing them.  We don’t do this for financial gain of any kind, we do it because we love it.  Although the past month has been a bit chaotic, with having posts we know we made taken down because someone else is dishonest, as well as being banned every few days from posting to your own page, because of the dishonesty.  We don’t mind other pages sharing the posts we make.  But when someone claims rights to something you wrote with your own hand and signed it, just because they know they can…  well, that’s crossing a big line.  I can’t say I’m surprised with the character of the person, but I am disappointed in Facebook.

Despite it all, I still love it and I wouldn’t give it up for anything.  Raging Rhetoric is still going strong, still standing, and we will continue to rise.  We are strong women and there isn’t anyone who can bring us down… no matter what.

I hope anyone who reads this, remembers…  No one can bring you down unless you allow them to and you’re so much better than that.


-Stephanie Bennett-Henry,  ©Raging Rhetoric 2014


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