The High Road

I have learned the hard way, through the years, it always feels better to rise above anything that brings you down.  There are things in life that will try to break you, horrible people, bad days… you name it.  Take a deep breath and remember, that’s not who you are.  You’re better than that.  When you meet a person who is terribly cruel, it’s not about you.  It is a reflection of how they feel inside.  Of course, you can put yourself in their shoes and try to relate and be nice, but some people are so broken, your effort is wasted.  Not everybody deserves second and third chances.  Just walk away.  You know who you are.  Don’t let anyone make you doubt yourself and never sink down to their level.  It’s never worth it.


-Raging Rhetoric, Stephanie Bennett-Henry


Published by Raging Rhetoric


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